About Our Blazers

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

Inspired by Travel

All of our products are designed in our studio in Miami Beach and then 100% handcrafted in Italy of Italian fabrics and buttons. We make light, deconstructed blazers that are comfortable to wear in practically any warm weather location. Our designs are not only inspired by travel, but designed to travel with you, with fabrics that are breathable and some also wrinkle resistant. We named our jackets styles after five of the most amazing beaches around the world. Why beaches? Because Novela was inspired to create this collection while enjoying his favorite beach clubs. Below you will find links to the beaches we love and to the blazers which were inspired by them.

Kamalame (Bahamas)

Private island resort owned by Novela’s friends and located near Andros in the Bahamas. Accessible only by boat, helicopter or our favorite, sea plane.

Jacket: Double Breasted Peaked

Guiones (Costa Rica)

Great surfing beach and eco-friendly village in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Jacket: Single Breasted Peaked

Salinas (Ibiza)

Nicest beach in Ibiza Spain. It features white sand, crystal clear water along with some of the nicest beach clubs on the island.

Jacket: Single Breasted Shawl

3rd Street (Miami Beach)

Local’s beach in Miami Beach. Unpretentious and with beautiful people, occasionally playing Footvolley or doing Yoga.

Jacket: Single Breasted Notched

Samana (Dominican Republic)

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. With hills covered in dense coconut palms and zoysia grass that feels like a carpet up to the water, this remains Novela’s favorite beach.

Jacket: Double Breasted Shawl

Novela Pocket

With each Casa de Novelas blazer you will notice a fitted jacket and a clean shoulder, complemented by a beautiful Italian fabric and numerous other details. Open the jacket and you will see old world construction techniques; and on our 1⁄2 canvased jackets ‐ a layer on the inside of horsehair‐reinforced canvas. All visible seams are binded with fabric and details like pick stitching and columbia stitching, half‐moon stitching, hand stitched boutonniere latches, and hand stitched collars are all there for you to view. Our hand cut and sewn Novela chest pocket (patent pending) is a sartorial marvel that allows you to place your sunglasses in a separate V pocket without disturbing your pocket square. Not overly formal, but always giving you an elegant look; a blazer for your inspirited day and night shenanigans.